Candle Light Dinner

A candlelight dinner is a way of expressing love, it could also be a way to share memories with our friends.

A dinner date may vary for a couple trying to impress each other or an elderly couple who has gone through a lot of life experiences but, the end result is the same – expressing the love for each other. Make it a memorable romantic event for the lifetime.

A candlelight dinner in a group is when you want to share your memories, chit chat with your friends and family with the bliss of candlelights and moonlight.

At HiFive cafe, our staff can arrange the tables just the way you want, and they’re going to help you too. We can arrange for both a dinner date and a candlelight dinner with friends and family.

Don’t think much, either with your loved one or with your friends/family decide and go for the candlelight dinner at HiFive cafe. Just schedule the date and time, we will make the best arrangements for you.

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